Information About me

I am Irena Toma, an artist from Kosovo. Art has been my lifelong passion, accompanying me since childhood. Initially, I experimented with drawing, but over time, I have created over 60 paintings for various clients. This journey has become my primary way to express myself and find inspiration. Each piece I create is an effort to capture beauty and emotion on canvas.

Artistic Style and Techniques

I primarily work with mixed media techniques because I believe that art has no rules. This freedom is one of the reasons I prefer abstract painting over realism. However, I find inspiration in creating art in various styles by combining different techniques.


Nature, travel, sightseeing, visiting monuments, art exhibitions, music, and art history deeply inspire me. Yet, nothing inspires me more than seeing people admire my paintings. Their appreciation fuels my creativity.

Achievements and Exhibitions

Starting my art career was challenging due to limited opportunities until a collector acquired over 30 of my works. This pivotal moment allowed me to grow significantly in the art field. During my studies, I participated in exhibitions such as:

  • Professionals of the Future (2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Gursel Sylejmani Exhibition at the Ferizaj Art Gallery (2024)

My art has reached nearly all of Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Kosovo, Sweden, Italy, and even New York. This widespread exposure motivates me to continue my artistic journey.

Future Goals

As a dedicated artist and graphic designer, I hope to establish my own gallery where I can showcase all my work. I aim for my art to be recognized in new countries and to inspire even more people worldwide.

Visit my website to see more of my work and feel free to get in touch.

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